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Dan Whiting

Dan has spent 25+ years using content to market causes, from agriculture to open source. After 11 years on staff in the U.S. Senate, he worked in cybersecurity, forestry, conservation, patient advocacy for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and open source technology. He is also a lifelong learner who enjoys wearing many hats. All of this keeps his ADD in check.

He is also a tech-curious guy who taught himself to program with a hand-me-down TI-994a and then Commodore Amiga back when he dialed into bulletin boards at 300bps. He now has some front-end development skills.

He currently works as a marketing and government relations consultant and still dreams of one day being an artisan woodworker or comedy writer. He is a proud University of Idaho Vandal who is currently living in Washington, DC with his wife and four children.