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DJ Schleen

If I have to do it once, I may as well automate it before I do it twice. I eat certifications for lunch and when I’m not at the hockey rink. I love messing around with code for the DevOps Kung Fu Mafia.

Some verbiage that talks about my skills.

DevSecOps, Automation, Ninja Ninj-ery, Team Leadership and Mentoring, Ethical Hacking, Third Party Risk, Governance, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessments, Red Team Engagements, Containerizing the world, Wifi/Radio Hacking, iOS, OSX, Mobile Security, Blowing up the Internet, Finance, Technical Architecture, Gaming, Interactive, Branded Entertainment, Product Management, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), ITIL Best Practices


My work is also my hobby and I live on the cutting edge of technology.